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Explore the wide range of subjects related to George Washington’s world and the colonial and founding eras.

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16-Sided Barn

The 16-Sided barn on Washington's Dogue Run farm was one of the most innovative structures at Mount Vernon

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American Revolution

Battle of Trenton

Learn more about Washington's victory at the Battle of Trenton

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American West

The Potomac Company

George Washington founded the Potowmack Company - an enterprise dedicated towards improving the navigation on the Potomac and to the growing west.

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George Washington brought a camel to Mount Vernon for Christmas in 1787.

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Eastman Johnson

Johnson's one exterior view of the Mansion, The Old Mount Vernon, was not widely known during his lifetime. Since that time, recognition of this quiet masterpiece has grown significantly.

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Eleanor "Nelly" Parke Custis

Eleanor Parke Custis (known as “Nelly”) was the youngest of Martha Washington’s three granddaughters.

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Food and Drink



Palladian Window

The Palladian (also called Venetian) window on the north elevation of Mount Vernon is one of the house's most distinctive features. The window illuminates the large dining room (known as the new room)…

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Braddock's Defeat

Gen. Edward Braddock's British force was ambushed and nearly destroyed by the French and Indians near Monongahela

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Mount Vernon

Dung Repository

The Dung Repository was an important part of the plantation at Mount Vernon

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Bastille Key

With his military experience from serving during the American Revolution, the thirty-two year old Marquis…

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George Washington and Entertainment

George Washington enjoyed a wide variety of the types of public entertainment available to eighteenth century Americans.

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Early History of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association

Learn more about the founding of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

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Whiskey Rebellion

In January 1791, President George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton proposed…

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Servants and Laborers

Slavery and Enslaved Community


Hercules, a member of the Mount Vernon enslaved community, became widely admired for his culinary skills…

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