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An indentured bricklayer from Ireland, Michael Tracy began working at Mount Vernon in 1768. Washington purchased Tracy's indenture from a Mr. Piper in July of 1768 for eighteen pounds, four shillings. However, Tracy's indenture appears to have been sold again in July of 1770. Andrew Wales, a brewer in Alexandria placed an advertisement searching for a "Michael Tracey," a runaway indentured servant who was described as twenty-five years old, five feet, seven or eight inches tall, with a fair but freckled complexion, marred by smallpox scars. Tracy was also described in the ad as having worn "his own hair, a little curled," and was "by trade a bricklayer, and has some [notion] of the slight of hand, forward in speech, though but little of the dialect."1 Tracy appeared on the Mount Vernon tithables list in June of 1769.2


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2. The Papers of George Washington, Colonial Series, Vol. 8, 220.

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