The Architecture Team, consisting of architectural historians, architectural conservators, preservation specialists and carpenters, leads the investigation and restoration of the estate’s physical fabric.

The team analyzes documentary and physical evidence in tandem, with the goal of representing the architectural landscape consistent with the estate’s 1799 appearance, conserving and protecting existing 18th-century architectural elements, and creating a thorough archival record for future generations. As each project progresses, theories and documentation are continually revised to reflect the ongoing synthesis of evidence.

Expansion of Mount Vernon's Mansion

Expansion of Mount Vernon's Mansion

In 1754, George Washington began residing at Mount Vernon, a 3,000 acre estate and a house that likely approximated 3,500 square feet. By his death, Washington’s Mount Vernon consisted of about 7,600 acres and an almost 11,000 square foot mansion.

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Paint Analysis

Paint Analysis

All of the rooms in the Mansion have been painted over and over since Washington's life. So, how do we know what color to paint each room?

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