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A weaver who worked at Mount Vernon from 1777 until 1779. In 1779, Archer wove the following fabrics for a variety of customers, including other indentures at Mount Vernon: cotton, bed ticking, striped cotton, cotton stuff, handkerchiefs, linen, corded cotton, sheeting, and diaper for tablecloths.1 Between 1777 and August of 1779, Archer was supplied with 8 ½ bushels of corn (2 ½ in 1777, 4 ½ in 1778, and 1 ½ in 1779).2


1. See "Hugh Archer—Weaver…Dr….Cr.," Lund Washington Account Book, 60. For a listing of what Archer was weaving, and for whom, see "Dr….Weaveg  &c – Cr.," "Weaving – Dr…Cr.," Lund Washington Account Book, 68-70.

2. See "Weaving done by Hugh Archer for which he…is to be alowd ½ for wages," Lund Washington Account Book, 84.

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