As we prepare for a celebration that honors the first 250 years of the United States, we are embarking on projects to preserve George Washington's estate and celebrate the events of the founding era.

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We are raising $150 million to take on immediate preservation challenges and assure that Mount Vernon lasts for generations.

New Permanent Exhibit

In April 2022, Mount Vernon opened a new permanent exhibit that highlights the people who shaped Mount Vernon, including Washington and Custis family members, enslaved and hired laborers, and Vice Regents of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, which has owned and preserved Mount Vernon since the 19th century.

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George Washington Exhibit Revitalization

By 2026, we aim to revitalize our George Washington exhibit and bring his story to life using modern technology.

This updated space will focus on why George Washington matters today and how the decisions that he made in his lifetime continue to impact us in the 21st century.

The Papers of Martha Washington

In July 2022, the University of Virginia press released The Papers of Martha Washington, the first scholarly edition of Martha Washington’s correspondence.

This volume was created by The Papers of George Washington (PGW) editing project, a collaborative project between the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union and the University of Virginia.

The letters span her entire life, from her youth as a wealthy but largely unknown Virginia plantation mistress through her ascent to becoming an American icon.

This volume includes:

  • 4 new letters from Mercy Otis Warren, poet, playwright, and satirist of the American Revolution
  • 4 never-before-published letters from Martha Washington to her niece Fanny Bassett Washington Lear
  • 1 new letter from Martha to George Washington, in which she calls him "my love"
  • More than 50 condolence letters, and responses to condolence letters, after Washington's death

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Mount Vernon Founding Era Resources

Mount Vernon produces full-length films, virtual tours and podcasts to share George Washington's legacy.

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