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The American Revolution

After new taxes, violent retaliations, and growing colonial unity, the American Revolution broke out in April of 1775. The North American colonists were not favored to win against the strong British Empire; but as the war progressed, Washington and his army eventually found success. Use this page to learn more about the American Revolution through content pages, infographics, or the activity sheets below.

People of the Revolution

Washington may have led the Continental Army, but who was he fighting against? Click the link to learn more about the British and Continental officers that Washington interacted with throughout the war.

The War and its People

Spies of the Revolution

Washington and others relied on spies to find out information about the enemy. These spies were often put in dangerous positions but were crucial to the war effort.

Who goes there?

Allies of the Revolution

Did you know that France wasn't America's only ally? Spain helped, as well as countless indigenous peoples. Learn more about how the Continental Army defeated the British - and the people who helped them get there.

Continental Alliances

Interactive Timeline

Click the link to explore an interactive timeline on the Revolutionary War

To the Timeline

Infographic - Shaping the American Revolution

Explore an infographic highlighting the people who experienced and shaped the American Revolution - major leaders, ordinary individuals, spies, and essential allies. Created by 2023 LifeGuard Teacher Fellows Shawnel Padilla and Trevor Bliss.

Teaching the American Revolution

Are you a teacher looking for resources to teach about the American Revolution in your class? Look no further! Click the link to explore Activity Suggestions, helpful videos, and more!

Teach the Revolution

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