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Explore the hundreds of online artifacts, documents, and objects from Mount Vernon! These primary sources range from archaeological finds to famous letters and maps, and can be incredibly useful for classroom instruction or project work.

Education Collections

Explore primary sources that have been uploaded with background material, informational points, inquiry questions, and fun facts. These primary sources range from letters to objects and archeological artifacts!

Interactive Sources

Museum Collections

These collections contain a large variety of objects. Explore 18th century clothing, furniture, tools, and paintings. You can even see what's currently on view - Washington Owned Objects in the Mansion!

Mount Vernon Collections

Archaeology Collections

Archaeology Online contains archaeological artifacts sorted by type and project. Use this database for a deeper insight into objects from both the Washington Family and the enslaved population at Mount Vernon.

Archaeology Online

Database of the Enslaved Community

This collection lists the people, skills, locations, and events associated with the enslaved community at Mount Vernon. Use this collection to learn more about both individual enslaved peoples and the enslaved population as a whole.

The Enslaved Database

Library Collections

The Library Collections page houses manuscripts, photographs, records, bookplates, and maps. Use this digital database to explore personal and related collections of George Washington!

Library Collections

Secondary Sources

In search of articles, facts, and more information on George Washington? Check out our Secondary Sources page.

Additional Sources