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Looking to learn about George Washington? Look no further! This page contains secondary sources on the Revolutionary War, the founding of America, slavery, the Constitution, and much more.

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Read short encyclopedia articles that contain detailed information about George Washington, Mount Vernon, and the 18th century.

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STEAM at Mount Vernon

Explore these pages to learn about the science, technology, engineering, art, and math seen in the day-to-day of Mount Vernon.

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The Revolutionary War

George Washington proved to be a capable and resilient leader of the American military forces during the Revolutionary War. Read about his initial shortcomings - and eventual victories.

The American Revolution

The Constitution

Washington served as president of the Constitutional Convention, leading state delegates in replacing the Articles of Confederation. Discover the conversations - and difficulties - involved with doing so.

Creating the Constitution

The Presidency

Washington was chosen as the first president of the United States and served for eight years. Read more about Washington's achievements, struggles, and legacies.

President Washington

Women in the 18th Century

Many different women lived and labored at Mount Vernon in the eighteenth century. Click the link to learn more about these women, and the primary sources we use to tell their history.

Women's History

George Washington and Slavery

George and Martha Washington's lives depended on the labor of Mount Vernon's enslaved community. Click to learn about the lives of the 317 enslaved people who lived and worked under the Washingtons.

The Enslaved at Mount Vernon

George Washington and Native Americans

George Washington had a complicated relationship with Native Americans. He interacted with many Native peoples as a surveyor, Commander, and President. Click the link to learn more.

Native Americans

Interactive Tools

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