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George Washington's experiences in his youth helped shape the man who would lead a revolution and become the first president of the United States.


The unexpected death of George Washington's father prevented him from receiving a Latin-based education in England. Instead, private tutors and possibly a local school provided him with the only formal instruction he would receive.

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George Washington's first career was as a surveyor. While surveying he gained an intimate knowledge of Indian country and a small fortune in land. 

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After the death of his father, when George Washington was only 11 years old, he inherited enslaved people.

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Social Education

Social education in colonial America went beyond academic learning. For George Washington, this form of education became key in his personal and professional advancement.

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The Rules of Civility

Regarded as a formative influence in the development of his character, the Rules of Civility included guidelines for behavior in pleasant company, appropriate actions in formal situations, and general courtesies. 

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Popes Creek

In 1732, George Washington was born at Popes Creek Plantation in Virginia. He would only live at this plantation until he was about three years old.

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Mary Ball Washington

Limited information about George Washington's mother has survived, although the historical record shows that she shared a complex and oftentimes strained relationship with her son.

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Childhood Home

George Washington's parents, Augustine and Mary Ball, moved their family to Ferry Farm when he was about six years old.

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Teenage Love Poems

There are two surviving love poems that seem to have been written by a teenaged George Washington.

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Timeline: Mount Vernon's Owners Over the Years

Explore the many owners of Mount Vernon, before and after the life of George Washington.

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Washington was part of a rather large family and had many siblings and half-siblings.

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Journey to Barbados

George Washington traveled widely in what would become the United States, but he only left the North American mainland once.

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The Allegheny Expedition

21-year-old Major Washington set off on a two and a half month journey on rough trails into the Ohio country to warn the French against encroachment into British territory.

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Fires at Washington’s Homes

Separate fact and fiction about the fires that affected Washington's childhood homes.

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French and Indian War

In 1754, Washington led a surprise attack upon a small French force at Jumonville Glen. Then he surrendered Fort Necessity to the French.

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