George Washington's experiences working as a surveyor and in the Virginia company, as well as the many influential adults in his life, helped shape the man who would become the first President of the United States.

The Rules of Civility

Regarded as a formative influence in the development of his character, the Rules of Civility included guidelines for behavior in pleasant company, appropriate actions in formal situations, and general courtesies. 

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Throughout his lifetime, George Washington enjoyed fox hunting during the fall and winter at Mount Vernon, often inviting his neighbors and business associates to join him in the sport.

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The Allegheny Expedition

In late 1753, twenty-one-year-old Major Washington set off on a two and a half month journey on rough trails into the Ohio country to warn the French against encroachment into the Virginia backcountry.

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Mary Ball Washington

Limited information about Mary and her personal life has survived, although the historical record shows that she shared a complex and oftentimes strained relationship with her son.

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Sally Fairfax

Little more than a young girl when she first met the sixteen year old Washington, Sally Fairfax gave the awkward adolescent a polish that helped him later.

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Social Education

Social education in colonial America went beyond academic learning. For George Washington, who possessed little formal schooling, this form of education became his principle means of personal and professional advancement.

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