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The American Revolution is an essential part of our nation's founding and therefore, a critical topic to teach. This page contains inquiry questions, graphic organizers, lesson plans, and much more to help teach the Revolutionary War. Use these resources in your lesson plans - or, discover new information about the people of the Revolution for yourself!

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Use these inquiry questions to spark analysis while teaching about the American Revolution:

  • What were the primary causes of the Revolution, and why were the Continentals favored to lose?
  • How did the Revolution shape individuals, families, and communities?
  • What are alliances, and why were they essential in the Revolutionary War? Who served as the Continental Army's allies?
  • Why did George Washington resign his military commission, and what is the importance of that action?


This infographic provides information on the American Revolution and individuals affected by the war. 

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Suggested Activities

These scaffolded activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Grades provide quick, grab-and-go suggestions to implement into your lesson plans.

Activity Ideas

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are centered on the American Revolution. Use them in your next history lesson or bookmark for future reference!

Teach the American Revolution

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