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Learn about the 18th century through place, exhibits, activities, and maps. These interactive tools are self-guided and provide wonderful information about George Washington and the world he lived in.

Take a Virtual Tour

Explore all corners of Mount Vernon on this self-directed tour! The tour has helpful information about each room and space in the estate, as well as interesting facts detailing the objects and characteristics seen throughout the tour.

See the Mansion

Lives Bound Together Virtual Exhibit

Mount Vernon was home to both George and Martha Washington, as well as over 300 enslaved individuals. Explore this virtual exhibit to learn about the personal stories of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon.

Tour the Exhibit

Be Washington

Make decisions as George Washington in this first-person interactive leadership experience. Choose between the Battle of Second Trenton, the Newburgh Conspiracy, the Genet Affair, and the Whiskey Rebellion. Are you ready to Be Washington?

It's Your Turn to Lead

Washington's World Map

See all the places that George Washington traveled in his lifetime with this interactive map! The map also outlines the paths of Washington's travels, including the journey to Barbados, the exploration of the Ohio River Valley, and the route to Yorktown.

See the Map

Coloring Pages

Want to color scene from George Washington's life or a map of the thirteen colonies? Click the link to access online coloring sheets!

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