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People of the American Revolution

When the Revolution broke out, many people had to make a choice. Would they join the Continental Army and help George Washington fight against the powerful British? Would they stay home to protect their families and towns from destruction? Would they use the Revolution as an opportunity to protect lands, or gain freedom? Scroll to learn more about the people of the American Revolution.

George Washington

George Washington was voted as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. If he failed, he surely would have been tried and hung for treason against the British.

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Continental Leaders

George Washington had many other officers helping him fight the war - all with different backgrounds, experiences, and stories. 

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British Leaders

The British opened fire at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. They fought Continental, French, Spanish, and indigenous forces for the next seven years under various leadership.

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Treason in War

At the beginning of the war, Benedict Arnold fought alongside Washington. But as Arnold got passed up for a promotion - and met his wife's British friends - he began to reconsider.

What Arnold did

Freedom in War

When a British warship approached Mount Vernon, many enslaved individuals fled aboard it, using the opportunity to gain their freedom. Washington's manager took note of who was missing, creating this list.

The Story of the Savage

A Hairy Encounter

Some people - like Kitty Livingston - admired Washington and his position. Livingston liked Washington so much, that she asked for a lock of his hair. He replied with this message.

What did Washington say?