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Preservation work is always underway at George Washington's estate to ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy the founding father's home.

The restoration of Mount Vernon is an ongoing process that began in the 19th century and continues today.

More than 12 original buildings on the estate are exposed to the extremes of weather and wear put on them by more than one million visitors each year.

Mount Vernon's preservation team restores and preserves the estate to how it appeared at the time of Washington’s death in 1799.

Current Preservation Work

Mansion Revitalization Project

2023 – 2026

Mount Vernon is embarking on a landmark preservation project to safeguard the Mansion’s original building fabric and ensure its structural integrity for generations to come.

An enclosed work area will be fenced to the north of the Mansion for the duration of this project. As work progresses through the house, individual rooms will be taken off display temporarily, and the path of tours through the Mansion will change depending on the work that is underway.

Beginning January 2024, the New Room will not be on view.

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March 2022 - 2024

Mount Vernon’s smokehouse stands on the south lane, part of a group of outbuildings that provided support for daily life on the estate. The smokehouse was constructed in the mid-1770s. In 1776, 132 hogs were fattened, slaughtered, and “put up” or hung in it.

Today, the smokehouse is remarkably intact. Its frame, interior sheathing, and interior hanging system are original, protected for more than two centuries by its clapboard siding, a significant portion of which has survived from the 18th century. That siding has borne the brunt of 245 summers and winters and is in need of attention.

The Architecture team completed repairs to the siding boards on the south and west elevations and is now working on the east and north elevations. Sealing the building exterior will protect the building’s framing, which includes some of the few surviving original sills on the estate.

Restoration of Mount Vernon’s historic Smokehouse is sponsored by Edwards Virginia Smokehouse.


Year round, weather dependent

Mount Vernon's archaeology team's worksites can be found on the east lawn, and at the Cemetery at the Slave Memorial (Fridays only).

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North Grove

The Archaeology team is excavating 10x10-foot test units in a section of the north grove in search of archaeological features and evidence of past human activities.

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Preservation work never ends. Each year, the Mansion, outbuildings, and grounds are exposed to the extremes of weather and the wear put on them by more than one million visitors.

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Preservation Tour

During this 60-minute specialty tour, walk among Mount Vernon's many outbuildings to get an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of historic preservation at Mount Vernon.

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