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The Battles of Trenton and Princeton

This page provides resources on The Winter Patriots, 25-minute film that covers America's declaration of independence, Washington's strategies behind the early Revolutionary War battles, and mandated smallpox inoculations. Use these resources to view the film, learn more about the Revolutionary War, and find incredible source materials! 

Watch the Full Film

Click to watch the full film of The Winter Patriots: A Revolutionary War Tale.

Interactive Map

Use this link to access a map depicting the Battles of Trenton and Princeton!

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Interactive Revolutionary War Timeline

Click to explore a timeline on the American Revolution!

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The Revolution Begins

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and Washington and his troops struggled against the British Army. Would he get enough men - and morale - to keep going?

The Start of Revolution

The Battles of Trenton

Washington needed to create a surprise attack on the British. Would his plan to cross the icy Delaware River succeed? Or would he be defeated once again by the British and Hessian troops?

An Icy Journey

The Battle of Princeton

After Washington was victorious in Trenton, he found himself surrounded by British troops. Would he stay and fight, despite the state of his soldiers? Or could he move north, towards Princeton, without the British noticing?

Washington's Battle

Teaching the Battles of Trenton and Princeton

This helpful section includes vocabulary terms, inquiry questions, a graphic organizer, further reading, and much more. Click the link below to access wonderful Revolutionary War resources for teachers!

Classroom Resources

Watch The Winter Patriots

Learn how Washington successfully defeated the British and Hessians at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.

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Full Length Films

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