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The Yorktown Campaign of 1781

This page provides resources on Now or Never, a 23 minute film that covers the the Franco-American alliance, the Battle of Yorktown, and the end of the American Revolution. Use these resources to view the film, learn more about the Revolutionary War, and find incredible source materials! 

Watch the Full Film

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Interactive Yorktown Map

Use this link to access a French map depicting the Yorktown campaign!

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Interactive Revolutionary War Timeline

Click to explore a timeline on the American Revolution!

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Before Yorktown

Washington allied with French leaders and knew he had to attack the British. But where exactly would he strike? Would he commit to attacking New York, or decide to go to Virginia?

Washington's Choices

Preparing for Yorktown

Washington and Rochambeau decided to move south. They needed to hide their plans from the British, all while preparing for battle. Could such a risky move be done?

The Road to Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown

George Washington finally fought in the Battle of Yorktown in October of 1781. It was a difficult battle with many men, supplies, and logistics to navigate.

The Battle Ensues

The Surrender at Yorktown

After many days of hard fighting, General Cornwallis and the British surrendered to George Washington and Rochambeau, a sign that the end of the American Revolution was near.

Raising the White Flag

Teaching the Battle of Yorktown

This helpful section includes vocabulary terms, inquiry questions, a graphic organizer, further reading, and much more. Click the link below to access resources for teachers!

Classroom Resources

Watch Now or Never

Learn how Washington successfully led American forces to victory at the Battle of Yorktown, resulting in the end of the Revolutionary War.

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