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STEAM Concepts at Historic Mount Vernon

An Overview of STEAM at Mount Vernon

By looking at STEAM concepts, we can learn more about who George Washington was, what he thought, and how he acted, while also learning more about the enslaved community here. Without the enslaved, Mount Vernon would not have functioned properly. Therefore, wherever there is improvement and success at Mount Vernon, it is important to remember the contributions made by the men, women, and children enslaved to work the fields, mansion, and battlefields.

More on the Enslaved Community

18th Century Farming at Mount Vernon

George Washington primarily viewed himself as a farmer. Because he took this role rather seriously, he created efficient and well-thought out procedures to ensure the success of his farming grounds. He did this mainly through crop rotation and new technology while growing cash crops. Interested in learning about 18th Century Farming? Click below to discover more.

More on Farming

The Gardens of Mount Vernon

There are four main gardens at Mount Vernon. Each have a specific role and were not only used commercially, but also used specifically for the Washington family. Learn more about each of these gardens and their uses by clicking the button below.

More on the Gardens

Fun Fact:

George Washington loved dogs and he loved hunting. Because of his interests, he began to experiment with dog breeding and created the American Foxhound!

More on Washington and Dogs

Architecture at Mount Vernon

George Washington was heavily interested in the way things looked and worked: Mount Vernon Estate was no exception. Focusing on the architectural trends in colonial North America, Washington created new architectural marvels and features that would eventually inspire many houses and buildings from the 18th century onward. 

George Washington, An Architect

Gristmill and Distillery

George Washington was always looking to improve his financial situation. So, he started manufacturing. Inspired by the Evans Patent, Washington created his gristmill to turn his wheat from the treading barn into flour to sell. Then, inspired by a friend, Washington began distilling whiskey. 

Learn more about the business side of George Washington.

Gristmill and Distillery

18th Century Medicine

Just like us, George Washington had to go to the doctor or dentist whenever he was ill.

Learn more about the procedures, medicines, and doctors of George Washington’s time. You can also learn about an enslaved woman who paved her way to a career in medicine!

Medicine at Mount Vernon

Music and the Arts

Interested in the importance of music at Mount Vernon?

Music held a special place in George and Martha Washington's household, which can be seen from the harpsichord and Nelly’s music books. Music also held a special place within the enslaved community, and made important contributions to American Revolution. To discover more about the impact of music, click the link below!

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Food and Drinks

Interested in learning more about the type of food that was consumed at Mount Vernon, as well as the Washington's favorite drinks? Click below to discover more about it, as well as the enslaved community who worked to make these elaborate meals. 

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Interested in More STEAM Concepts?

Check out these resources listed below!

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