Separate fact from fiction and learn more about the real George Washington.

Did the man whose portrait is on the one dollar bill ever tell a lie? Were his teeth really made of wood?  Did George Washington actually throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River?  And where’s that cherry tree that he reportedly cut down as a youth?   Few figures in American history are surrounded by more well-intended mythology than George Washington.   Throughout much of his adult life, many sought to perfect the image of the Father of our Nation, and after his death, others sought to deify the man.

Brother Washington, the Freemason

Freemasonry played a role in George Washington's life from the age of 20 when he first became an Entered Apprentice in the Fredericksburg Lodge until the day he died, when a brother in his Alexandria lodge was one of three doctors at his bedside.

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What he lacked in formal schooling, George Washington made up for in physical strength, skill, and ambition. He took part in almost every sport of his day – archery, foxhunting, swimming, wrestling, dancing - and he was also something of a pool shark.

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On Horseback

Equestrian prowess and warfare offered young George Washington his clearest path to fame. His long rides as a surveyor, through the forest on foxhunts, and his bayonet drills in the heat of the summer sun prepared him well for his eventual martial feats on horseback.

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A History of Dental Troubles

George Washington experienced problems with his teeth throughout his adult life. Although he regularly used dental powders and a toothbrush similar to our own, his tooth loss persisted. For a person as conscious of his appearance as George Washington, his dental dilemma caused him great discomfort.

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Learn more about the real George Washington

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