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George Washington’s Mount Vernon is dedicated to the task of educating people throughout the world about the life and legacies of George Washington.

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Check out these online offerings for more on Washington and his world.

Facts about Washington and His World

Just looking for the facts? Access our biography pages and our growing collection of top facts pages.

A Biography of George Washington

Key Facts about George Washington

A Washington Timeline

10 Facts about Martha Washington

10 Facts about Washington’s Teeth

10 Facts about Washington in the French and Indian War

10 Facts about Washington in the Revolutionary War

10 Facts about Washington as President

10 Facts about Washington and Slavery

10 Facts about Washington’s Gristmill

10 Facts about Washington’s Distillery

10 Facts about Washington the Gardener

10 Facts about Mount Vernon’s Landscape

Top Ten Washington Objects in Mount Vernon’s Collection

Websites to Check Out

For even more, check out these Washington-related sites on the web.

George Washington’s Library on LibraryThing
Washington’s Papers at the Library of Congress
Maps of the Revolutionary War (Library of Congress)
The Papers of George Washington

George Washington Portrait Program

Request a free limited-edition portrait for your local school, public library, or government office.

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George Washington
Lessons in Leadership

Learn more about the many examples of Washington as a leader.

Lessons in Leadership

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