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George Washington and the Pursuit of Religious Freedom

This page provides resources on religious freedom in America. It relies heavily on George Washington and the Pursuit of Religious Freedom, 15 minute film that covers religion in early America, the defeat of the British Empire, and the steps leading up to the passing of the Bill of Rights in 1791. Use these resources to view the film, learn more about the journey towards religious freedom, and find incredible source materials! 

Watch the Full Film

Click to watch the full film of George Washington and the Pursuit of Religious Freedom.

Interactive Map

Use this link to access an interactive map showing religion in early America.

View the map

Interactive Religious Freedom Timeline

Click here to explore a timeline on religious freedom in America!

Explore the Timeline

Religious Difference

There were many religions in early America. However, some religious groups did not tolerate religious difference. Click the button to access more resources about religion and religious conflict in colonial North America.

Colonial Religion

Washington's Awakening

As more religious and people groups settled in British North America, the British Empire found the colonies difficult to control. When the War for Independence broke out, Washington was given the task of uniting men of different faiths. Would he be successful? Find more religion and Revolution classroom resources below.

Religion in the Revolution

Finding Religious Freedom

After Americans gained independence, many questions and concerns about religious freedom came from individuals and people groups. George Washington had much to consider. Discover resources that show the road to religious freedom!

Finding religious freedom

A Lasting Presence

Washington's advocacy of religious freedom was essential to the founding of the United States and is still important today. See more resources on Washington's words, ideas, and legacy in America.

Washington's Legacy

Educational Videos

Click the link to explore more videos at the Educational Videos page.

Link to Videos

Watch Religious Freedom

Learn how George Washington successfully established religious freedom in America with this 15 minute film!

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