In 1789, George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States. During his two terms in office, Washington influenced the path for the presidency moving forward, creating standards in all political, military, and economic areas. He helped shape the office's future role and powers, as well as set both formal and informal models for future presidents to follow.

President Washington's Inauguration

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Slavery and Washington’s Presidency

Slavery and Washington’s Presidency

After the American victory in the Revolution, George Washington repeatedly voiced opposition to slavery in personal correspondence, but as a public figure and president, he did not make abolition a cause.

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Primary Sources to Explore Washington's Presidency

What Did Washington Think of King George III?

Did George Washington go from ardent supporter of King George III, to rebel of the crown? Or did he always have negative feelings towards the royals?

Why Didn't George Washington Abolish Slavery?

After being elected the first president of the United States, why didn't George Washington abolish slavery?

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