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The Yorktown Campaign of 1781

This page provides resources on the Battle of Yorktown. It relies heavily on Now or Never, a 23 minute film that covers the the Franco-American alliance, the Battle of Yorktown, and the end of the American Revolution. Use these resources to view the film, learn more about the Revolutionary War, and find incredible source materials! 

Watch the Full Film

Click to watch the full film of Now or Never: The Yorktown Campaign of 1781

Interactive Yorktown Map

Use this link to access a French map depicting the Yorktown campaign!

View the map

Interactive Revolutionary War Timeline

Click to explore a timeline on the American Revolution!

Explore the Timeline

The Battle of Yorktown

Washington allied with French leaders to successfully siege Yorktown and force General Cornwallis to surrender. This battle was the beginning of the end of the American Revolution, and ultimately led to the Treaty of Paris.

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Comte de Rochambeau

Rochambeau worked with Washington in the American Revolution, commanding the French forces. He helped convince Washington to move his troops south, which led to the Battle of Yorktown. His leadership helped ensure American victory.

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Primary Source: Articles of Capitulation

When the British finally surrendered, it took a lot of negotiation to reach an agreement with the American forces. Explore the final conditions of surrender with this interactive primary source. 

Explore the Articles

Primary Source: View of Yorktown

Many artists painted the landscapes and battles of Yorktown, since it was a major, decisive event of the Revolutionary War. This particular painting was done in 1834, a good fifty years after the battle. Click to fully view the painting and other depictions of Yorktown.

View the Painting

Educational Videos

Click the link to explore more videos at the Educational Videos page.

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Watch Now or Never

Learn how Washington successfully led American forces to victory at the Battle of Yorktown, resulting in the end of the Revolutionary War.

This project was funded through a grant approved by the Americana Corner Preserving America Grant Program

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