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Use the supporting materials below to aid your understanding of enslavement at Mount Vernon and the first episode of Mount Vernon's podcast Intertwined.

Episode 1: “Passages”

Sambo Anderson was just a boy when he was captured in West Africa, survived the Middle Passage, and purchased by an ambitious George Washington sometime in the late 1760s. During his years of enslavement at Mount Vernon, Anderson became a carpenter, a husband, and a father. In this episode, we tell the story of Anderson’s life to explore the rise of slavery in the Chesapeake Bay region, George and Martha Washington’s connections to the transatlantic slave trade, and the laws that marked the boundaries between slavery and freedom in Virginia.

For more information, please see the Podcast Website.

"Passages" Interactive Timeline

Explore the events of the episode through this timeline.

Explore the Timeline

"Passages" Interactive Map

Explore this map to discover the locations and events featured in the episode. Be sure to think about the people involved, and why Washington might have traveled to the places he did.

Explore the Map

"Passages" Transcript

Click to download the transcript of Passages, Episode 1. This transcript can be used for further comprehension of the story. It also provides context for the people, places, and events linked throughout the episode.

Download The Transcript

"Passages" Graphic Organizers

Have your students use these graphic organizers to record their observations on episode, as well as George Washington's relationship(s) with slavery and enslavement at Mount Vernon.

Graphic Organizers

"Passages" Citations

Read through the primary sources that were used in the creation of the episode.