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These podcasts examine the lives of enslaved individuals at Mount Vernon, studying the Middle Passage, forced labor, acts of resistance, and remembrance. Click each link to view specific episodes and resources associated with them.

Episode 1: Passages

This episode is an introduction to the Intertwined podcast series and explores the story of Sambo Anderson, a man who survived the Middle Passage to eventually become the enslaved carpenter at Mount Vernon.

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Episode 2: Laboring

This episode investigates the life of Davy Gray, an enslaved overseer in charge of many of the enslaved peoples at Dogue Run Farm at George Washington's Mount Vernon. 

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Episode 3: Revolutions

This episode focuses on William ["Billy"] Lee, George Washington's enslaved valet that attended Washington during the American Revolution and the presidency.

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Episode 4: Living

This episode examines the life of Kate, her husband Will, and their children; all of whom lived and worked at Muddy Hole farm and participated in cultural and religious practices of the enslaved community.

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Episode 5: Resisting

This episode analyzes the escape of Ona Judge, an enslaved person who waited on Martha Washington during George Washington's presidency, as well as other stories of resistance at Mount Vernon.

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Episode 6: Leaving

This episode covers George Washington's death and the impact it had on Nancy Carter Quander, an enslaved individual at Mount Vernon who was freed as a result of Washington's will.

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Episode 7: Preserving

This episode examines the life of Edmund Parker, an enslaved individual who labored at Mount Vernon after Washington's death and served as an interpreter after gaining freedom.

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Episode 8: Legacies

This episode looks at the history of Mount Vernon and how interpreting slavery has become intertwined with interpreting the Washington at Mount Vernon.

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