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The Tombs
Learn more about the Old and New Tombs at Mount Vernon.

George Washington died in his bedchamber at Mount Vernon on December 14, 1799, and in his will he directed that he be buried on his beloved Mount Vernon estate.  He also selected a site for a new brick tomb to replace the original family burial vault which was deteriorating.  The new tomb was finally built in 1831, and Washington’s body was transferred along with the remains of Martha Washington and other family members.  In 1837 John Struthers, a marble mason from Philadelphia, carved and presented the marble sarcophagi which hold the remains of George and Martha Washington. Twenty-five members of the Washington family are interred in an inner vault while three family members are buried beside the New Tomb. Two obelisks in front of the tomb memorialize Washington family members who owned and lived at Mount Vernon during the first part of the nineteenth century.