Alexander Hamilton served as Washington's aide during the Revolutionary War, served as the first Secretary of Treasury under Washington's administration and is considered to be the founder of our nation's economic system.

Hamilton's Victory at Yorktown

Under General Washington's command, Alexander Hamilton leads a daring raid against Redoubt No. 10 at the Battle for Yorktown.  The victory at Yorktown ultimately turns the tide of the war in favor for America.

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Whiskey Rebellion

In an effort to raise funds for the newly formed federal government and pay off state debts incurred during the Revolutionary War, Alexander Hamilton proposed an excise tax on American produced distilled spirits.

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Jay Treaty

After the Revolutionary War Washington worked with Alexander Hamilton to develop the Jay Treaty to normalize trade relations with Britain, resolve financial issues, and settle western land claims providing a path for economic trade and relations in newly formed nation.

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Establishing West Point

Both Secretary of War Henry Knox and Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton made the first official recommendation for a military academy to provide formal military training in the newly formed United States.

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