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The time for battle has finally come. Will Washington and the French overcome the British?

The Yorktown Campaign

The battle broke out on the morning of October 9th after many days of planning and movement. Read more about the Battle of Yorktown in this article.

The Yorktown Campaign

Music in Battle

Music was used to communicate throughout the American Revolution, and different notes and beats meant different things. This was certainly true at the Battle of Yorktown.

Hitting the Notes

Military Weapons

Washington and his forces used a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat the British at the Battle of Yorktown.

Washington's Weapons

The Siege of Yorktown

This digital map helps show the movement of troops in the Battle of Yorktown.

Explore the Map

What supplies, sounds, and people made up the Battle of Yorktown? Why were these things important?

Primary Source: George Washington to Thomas McKean

This letter, written in the middle of battle, was written to Thomas McKean, the president of the Continental Congress. It describes what Washington saw, and how the troops are doing.

Read the letter

Primary Source: A Plan of Yorktown

This plan shows where British posts were located in Yorktown, created just after their surrender.

Explore the plan

Watch Now or Never

Learn how the Continental Army won the Revolution with this 30 minute film!