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George Washington and the Making of the Constitution

This page provides resources on the making of the Constitution. It largely relies on A More Perfect Union, a 21 minute film that covers the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, and the ratification process. Use these resources to view the film, learn more about the journey towards our modern-day government, and find incredible source materials! 

Constitution Quizzes

Watch the video A More Perfect Union, then test your knowledge of the Constitution.

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Interactive Map

Use this link to access an interactive map showing the Constitution ratification process.

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Constitutional Convention Statistics

President of the Convention: George Washington
Number of delegates who attended the convention: 55
Number of delegates who signed the Constitution: 39
End: September 17, 1789

The Need for Change

The Articles of Confederation were clearly not working - debts were not being paid, people were starting to rebel, and there was no strong, central government. What was the nation going to do?

Something's Got to Give

Compromise and Ratification

Fifty-five delegates met in secret in Philadelphia to discuss a new governing system. Would they be able to compromise on their problems?

Coming to a Compromise

The Constitution

Explore the Constitution on your own with this interactive primary source.

To the Constitution

Washington's Election

Once the Constitution was ratified, it became clear that the new government needed to elect its first president. But who would rise to the occasion?

Washington to the Rescue

Teaching the Constitution

This helpful section includes vocabulary terms, inquiry questions, a graphic organizer, further reading, and much more. Click the link below to access wonderful resources for teachers!


Teaching the Constitution

Watch A More Perfect Union

Learn how George Washington successfully led the creation of a new form of government!

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Full Length Films

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