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General Cornwallis has finally had enough. What does this mean for Washington and his troops?

General Cornwallis

Cornwallis led the British troops in battle in the Southern colonies and was a very talented general. What went wrong?

Cornwallis' Story

The Articles of Capitulation

After a few back-and-fourth negotiations, the British finally agreed to these Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown.

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Resignation of Commission

Shortly after the Treaty of Paris was signed, Washington resigned his commission from Commander of the Continental Army.

Why did Washington Resign?

George Washington's Devastation

Washington's stepson volunteered to fight alongside his dad. Unfortunately, this had lasting consequences.

What happened?

How did the victory at Yorktown signify the end of the American Revolution?

Primary Source: The Surrender(s) of Cornwallis

This collection has different artworks that show Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown. Why do you think so many artists decided to paint this scene?

The Surrendor(s)

Primary Source: The Treaty of Paris

The war finally ended with the Treaty of Paris, signed by both the Americans and British.

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Primary Source: After Yorktown

This map was created for George Washington in 1782. It highlights the major parts of Yorktown, including men, ships, and positions.

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Watch Now or Never

Learn how the Continental Army won the Revolution with this 30 minute film!