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Is Be Washington blocked in your classroom?

The Be Washington app requires access to the internet and services from Vimeo and Amazon to play the game.  If the game is not working your classroom it's possible that your school's network administrators are blocking access to these services.

Some school systems may not want to unblock all of or Amazon's EC2 web hosting.  So we have made available the following list of URLs that the Be Washington game relies on to work.  

Sample Message to your IT Administrator

"I am interested in using the online game Be Washington ( in our classroom.  It appears though that our network firewall may be blocking some of the components required to play the game.  Mount Vernon has provided us with a list of URLs that need to be added to the whitelist in our firewall in order for the game to work.  Would you please consider adding them to allow our students access to this highly educational game."


If your IT Administrator has any technical questions, you can direct those to


Download the List