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Find out if your school's computers and network support Be Washington.

Be Washington can be played in two ways.

  1. Through any web browser by going to
  2. By downloading our Apple iOS and Google Android Be Washington apps.

The first option requires that your school system have a high-speed network connection to stream the game's videos.  If you do not have this then the second option will be a better solution for you.  The iOS and Android apps allow your school system to download all of the videos to your local device allowing schools systems with slower connections to still play the game.

To test your connection press start on the tool below.

Streaming Video Check

Vimeo Allowed

Still not working?

Be Washington relies on several internet services (Vimeo, Amazon EC2) to work.  It's possible your school's network may be blocking access to these systems.  

We've provided a guide for your IT Administrator on how to enable access to Be Washington

View the Guide