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This page contains additional instructions on how to play Be Washington, a speed test to find out if your school's computers and network support Be Washington, app downloads, and more.

Video Tutorial
How to play Be Washington

Video Tutorial

Streaming Video Check

Vimeo Allowed

Speed Test requires that your school system have a high-speed network connection to stream the game's videos. To test your connection, press start on the tool below.

PDF Instructions

Click to view a three-page PDF that explains how to play Be Washington. This PDF contains instructions for both single and multi-player gameplay.

Download PDF

Watch the Videos

If you don't want to play the entire BeWashington game, you can watch the different advisors and situations on our BeWashington YouTube playlist. 

Click Here for BeWashington Videos

Still not working?

Be Washington relies on several internet services (Vimeo, Amazon EC2) to work.  It's possible your school's network may be blocking access to these systems.  

We've provided a guide for your IT Administrator on how to enable access to Be Washington

IT Administration Guide

Play Be Washington

Do you have what it takes to lead like George Washington?

Play Now

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