The United States was born in an age of war and revolution. The Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution both serve as touchpoints for teaching about George Washington’s individual contributions and the broader impact of these conflicts on 18th-century society. From Washington’s own leadership challenges and opportunities to the decisions individual men and women made to join the Patriot cause, sessions during this program will help bring to light the complexities and significance of war in the creation of the country.

Past Program Scholars and Speakers

Lead Scholar Dr. William Fowler, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus at Northeastern University

Teacher Facilitator Jason Anderson, US History teacher at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, OH

Krysten Blackstone, Ph.D student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Holly Mayer, Historian at Duquesne University

Adrienne Whaley, Manager of School Programs and Partnerships at the Museum of the American Revolution

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