George Washington's entire adulthood is reflected in these rooms. By looking carefully at the furnishings and decorative features, you can find clues to Washington's character, tastes, and accomplishments, as well as his aspirations for a fledgling United States.

George Washington acquired Mount Vernon in 1754. During the next 45 years he greatly expanded his home to reflect his status as a Virginia gentleman, personally overseeing every detail of design, construction and decoration – even when away at war. The Mansion has been restored to how it would have looked when Washington died in 1799. Some of the most notable items in the Mansion include the key to the Bastille, presented to Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette, and a swivel chair Washington used during his presidency. Other objects, such as the harpsichord Washington bought for his step-granddaughter, are treasured items that depict social and domestic practices of the day.

Guides are stationed on the first and second floors of the Mansion to provide information and answer questions. The third floor is open only during the program "Christmas at Mount Vernon," which takes place from the day after Thanksgiving through January 6 each year. Please note that visitors younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Open 365 Days A Year

3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121