An overseer at Muddy Hole Farm, Alexander Cleveland began working for George Washington in 1765, and appeared on the tithables list for July of 1765.1 Washington paid Cleveland twenty-four pounds, thirteen shillings, and six pence on January 9, 1766. The amounts were based on Cleveland's one-eighth share of Muddy Hole's crop output of 497 bushels of wheat, 317 bushels of spelt, forty-five bushels of rye.

In addition were thirty-six and a half bushels of hemp seed, 178 ½ barrels of corn. Cleveland's share of the hemp processed that year was valued at another ten shillings.2 In June of 1773, Alexander Cleveland returned to George Washington's employ, serving as overseer of River Farm in Fairfax Parish. Alexander was still working at River Farm in 1774 and the year following. In 1774, Cleveland was provided with a suit of clothes,  surtout coat, and 100 pounds of pork above his share. The following year, Cleveland received a pair of breeches, a suit of clothes, and 500 pounds of pork more than his allowance.3

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