Use our suggested itineraries to make the most of your visit to Mount Vernon!

How much time will you be spending at Mount Vernon?

1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4+ hours

1 Hour

There is so much to see and do at Mount Vernon that we recommend you allow more than an hour to experience the estate. However, if you only have an hour, we suggest these activities:


  • Tour the Mansion
    Buy your tickets online to save on the gate price and to choose the time at which you enter the Mansion tour line. Tours last from 20-45 minutes depending on the number of visitors on the estate that day. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour time to walk from the parking lot to the Mansion tour line.  Learn More

  • Look Inside the Outbuildings
    View more than a dozen buildings where many of the estate’s essential operations took place, including laundry, spinning, and meat curing. Observe blacksmith demonstrations throughout the year. Other demonstrations occur seasonally.  Learn More

  • Visit the Tombs
    Pay your respects at the final resting place of George and Martha Washington. Wreath-layings are held daily.

  • Interact with the Characters
    Visit with people from Washington’s world as they stroll the grounds. Costumed reenactors of members of the Washington family and the enslaved workers greet guests and share details of their daily lives at the estate.  Learn More 

  • Explore the Gardens
    Walk through the estate’s four gardens and examine a great variety of trees, flowers, and plants that provided food for the Mansion’s table and beautiful settings for an evening stroll. While the gardens look their best from April through September, check out the greenhouse in the upper garden year round.

2 Hours

In addition to the previous offerings:

  • Watch our 4D Revolutionary War Film
    This unique theater experience highlights General Washington's role in the Revolutionary War complete with snow, fog, cannon shots and other 4D effects. The film runs 22 minutes.

  • Meet the Animals
    Mount Vernon keeps animals similar to the breeds Washington had, including sheep, pigs, oxen, and horses. Each spring, the estate welcomes more than twenty baby sheep, who guests can visit in the paddock south of the lower garden.

  • Visit the Slave Memorial
    Located 50 yards from the Tomb, this memorial sits on the site of the cemetery for slaves and free blacks who worked at Mount Vernon during the 1700s and early- to mid-1800s. Wreath-layings are held daily from February through October.

  • Play Be Washington
    Step into Washington’s boots and confront some of the same tough challenges he faced during the American Revolution and the presidency in this interactive leadership experience. Each program is 18 minutes long. If there’s a line, explore the Education Center while you wait.  Learn More


3 Hours

In addition to the previous offerings:

The Houdon Bust, intended to be esiring the most accurate likeness possible by its artist

4+ Hours

Experience George Washington's Mount Vernon from a different perspective during this 45-minute narrated sightseeing excursion on the Potomac RiverIn addition to the previous offerings:


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How Much Time to See Everything?

Activity Duration Distance from Entrance Season
Mansion Tour 20-45 minutes, duration varies throughout the year 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Walk the grounds 15-30 minutes 5-10 minutes Year-round Learn More
Interact with characters 5-20 minutes, up to you 5 minutes to the greenhouse & Interpretive Center Year-round Learn More
Visit the Distillery & Gristmill 1 hour 2.8 miles (access via shuttle or driving, 12 minutes) April-October Learn More
Be Washington 20 minutes 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Explore the gardens 20 minutes to see them all 5-10 minutes Best from April-September Learn More
Mansion outbuildings 30 minutes to see them all 5-10 minutes Year-round Learn More
Pioneer Farm 45 minutes 15 minutes April-October Learn More
Donald W. Reynolds Museum 15 minutes to see the highlights 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
The Washingtons' Tomb 15 minutes to see the highlights 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Specialty tours 45-60 minutes 5 minutes to Mansion Circle Dates/times vary Learn More
Revolutionary War 4D Theater 22 minutes 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Slave Memorial and Burial Ground 15 minutes 5-10 minutes Year-round Learn More
Education Center 45-60 minutes 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Lunch 30-60 minutes 5 minutes Year-round Learn More
Sightseeing cruise 45 minutes 15 minutes March-October Learn More

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