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The U.S. Constitution contains many complicated ideas and concepts that can be hard for students to grasp. Use these resources when teaching the Constitution and using the video A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Making of the Constitution!

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Use these inquiry questions to spark analysis while teaching the Constitution.

  • Why is it difficult to work with people who disagree with one another? How might it be rewarding?
  • Is breaking or bending the rules always bad?
  • How does one create a powerful government while protecting the liberties of its citizens?
  • What does good leadership look like?
  • Why is the Constitution important today?

Interactive Map

Use this link to access an interactive map showing the Constitution ratification process.

View the Map

Explore the Constitution

Click the link to access an interactive image of the United States Constitution. The link also includes a transcript and classroom tips.

The United States Constitution

Quotes and Sources

Click the link to download a chart of quotes from the video and the original sources they came from. You can also use this reference sheet to draw attention to evidence on the state of the government under the Articles of Confederation using George Washington's own words. 

Download Sources

Graphic Organizers

These graphic organizers are meant to provide opportunities to record thoughts, questions, and ideas. Click below to view graphic organizers!


Graphic Organizers

Vocabulary Terms

Use these handouts to help clarify complex words and concepts while discussing the Constitution.

Vocabulary Terms


Download the transcript of A More Perfect Union: George Washington and the Making of the Constitution to help view and plan with the film.

Download the Transcript

Watch A More Perfect Union

Learn how George Washington successfully led the creation of a new form of government!

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