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Delegates from every state secretly met to discuss the failing government. Would they come to a compromise and draft a new constitution?

Key Issues of the Convention

When the delegates met in Philadelphia, they discussed several key issues, including representation, branches of government, and guaranteed rights.


The Leaders of the Convention

55 delegates came together to form the Constitutional Convention, but a few - like George Washington, James Madison, and Edmund Randolph - stepped up to lead discussions.

The Players of the Convention


After a lot of debating, the Constitution was finally ready to be approved by the states. Would the states vote to adopt the new Constitution? 

The Secret Meeting

Washington and the Constitutional Convention

What was Washington's role in the Convention? Click to watch a video and find out.

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Why did at least nine states need to ratify the new Constitution?

The Federalist Papers

Some people really wanted the new Constitution to pass So, they published papers to gain support for it. These papers became known as the Federalist Papers.

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Primary Source: the Constitution

The Constitution was fully ratified in June of 1788 and provided the basic outline of the United State's government.

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Primary Source: the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights lists the rights guaranteed by the United States Government, including the right to religion, speech, and press. It was added to the Constitution in 1791.


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Watch A More Perfect Union

Learn how the Constitution was created with this 15 minute film!

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