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Nine states officially voted to ratify the Constitution. Now, the United States must choose its first president. Who would fill this very important role?

The Call of His Country

After George Washington resigned from his role as Commander of the Army, he wanted to relax at Mount Vernon. What will happen if he's called to help the new government? 

Washington's Response

Washington's Constitution

George Washington was involved in the formation of the new Constitution and led the Constitutional Convention in its discussions and decisions.

Washington and the Constitution

Accepting the Presidency

After much convincing, George Washington decided to run - and accept - for the presidency. His decision was a difficult one, but he wanted to do what was best for the country.

Washington's Acceptance

Video: What Inspired Washington?

Curious about why Washington finally accepted the Presidency? Click the link to watch a quick video.

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Why do you think Washington was so hesitant to accept the presidency?

Washington's Election and Presidency

Washington set many precedents during his presidency, many of which have continued today.

Presidential Precedents

Primary Source: Washington's Hesitation

George Washington wrote to Henry Knox in 1789 that he was "unwilling" to accept the presidency, but he would do so with "integrity & firmness."

His Thoughts

Primary Source: The First Lady

Like George Washington, Martha Washington was equally as hesitant to serve as first lady. She wrote that she felt like a "state prisoner" while in Philadelphia.


Her Thoughts

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