The Women of the Enslaved Community

A large amount of the women who lived and labored at Mount Vernon were enslaved. They labored on the farms, in the kitchens, within the fields, inside the estate, and elsewhere. The women who labored on the Mount Vernon plantation found ways to both survive and resist their situation. Scroll to learn more about the women who were enslaved by and maintained the Washington's household and plantation. 

Caroline Branham

Caroline Branham

Caroline labored as a housemaid in the Mount Vernon mansion, often working from before sunrise to after sunset. She was married to Peter and had at least eight children.

Caroline's Story


Kate was an enslaved field worker and served as the midwife for enslaved women. She was set free through Washington's will in 1801, but her husband remained enslaved in the Custis estate.

Kate's Story
Ona Judge

Ona Judge

Ona Judge was an enslaved seamstress who gained freedom after journeying to New Hampshire in 1796. She remained free for the rest of her life, despite Washington's attempts to bring her back into enslavement.

Ona's Story

Database of Mount Vernon's Enslaved Community

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