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Women played a major role in history. Why not incorporate them into your lessons? This page contains inquiry questions, graphic organizers, lesson plans, and much more to help teach women's history. Use these resources in your lesson plans - or, discover new information about women in the 18th century for yourself!

Inquiry Questions to Consider

Use these inquiry questions to spark analysis while teaching about women in the 18th Century:

  • There were women that occupied the same spaces, but consisted of different social classes, especially at plantations like Mount Vernon. Who are individuals at Mount Vernon that exemplify this, and what were their roles in the plantation system?
  • How did gender affect the lives, roles, and expectations of people during the eighteenth century?
  • What sources can be used to research and report about women throughout history - and, more specifically - the American Revolution era?
  • Why is it important to study women in history class?

Timeline of Martha Washington

Use this interactive timeline to see an in-depth analysis of Martha Washington's life

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This infographic provides information about Caroline Branham, Eleanor Forbes, and Eleanor Parke Custis - three women who lived at the Mount Vernon Estate, with very different lives. 

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Suggested Activities

These scaffolded activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Grades provide quick, grab-and-go suggestions to implement into your lesson plans.

Activity Ideas

Lesson Plans

These detailed lesson plans help teach women's history using place, objects, documents, and more. Created by teachers, for teachers.

Teach Women's History