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The Women of the Washington Family

Many ladies occupied the Mount Vernon mansion. Martha Washington married George Washington in 1759, and brought her two young children with her, Jacky and Pasty. Later, the Washingtons raised two grandchildren, and entertained many guests. Scroll to learn about some of the females who lived at Mount Vernon and their roles at the estate.

Martha Washington

Martha Washington married George Washington in early 1759, and would move to Mount Vernon in the months following. She would later lead the estate's operations, help raise two grandchildren, and become the first First Lady of the United States. 

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Martha "Patsy" Parke Custis

Martha Parke Custis, also known as "Patsy," was one of Martha Washington's two surviving children. She was known as a "sweet and innocent" girl, suffering from epileptic seizures in her teenage years. 

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Eleanor "Nelly" Parke Custis

Eleanor Parke Custis, also known as "Nelly," was raised by her grandmother, Martha Washington. She was described as a "little wild creature" by Martha and enjoyed educational opportunities in New York and Philadelphia as George Washington served as President.

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Martha's Bedroom

Explore where Martha and George Washington slept at Mount Vernon. Be sure to look for Martha's desk, where she wrote letters and recorded information.

The Washington Bedchamber

A Day in the Life

See this interactive timeline to learn about Martha Washington's average day at Mount Vernon.

Martha's Day

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