Classroom Tips

  • Use the worksheet “American Revolution Fill-in-the-Blank” to review the major events of the American Revolution. Have students read the primary source, and identify what it is announcing. What nations and individuals are mentioned in the proclamation? Host a class discussion on the global impact of the American Revolution. 
  • After reading the article and discussing global connections America had during the late eighteenth century, use the infograph “Imperial Trade in Eighteenth Century British North America” to help students understand the economics of the period. What goods were being transported? What nations were involved in the trade network? What crops did North America export? 
  • After analyzing the primary source, use the infograph, “Measuring Loyalism in America c. 1775-1785,” and instruct students to look at this visual to understand where Loyalists migrated after the end of the Revolutionary War. Where did these individuals go? Are any of these places surprising? Why do you think Loyalists chose one location over another? Did Loyalists have a choice of where to relocate? 

Classroom Materials downloads are ZIP files that include, when available: document images (JPEGs), document transcripts (PDF as well as Word and/or Excel files), and ready to use classroom resources (activities, discussion prompts, lesson plans, etc.). These materials are available for educational uses only. If you would like to reproduce them in any other medium, please contact Dawn Bonner, Manager of Visual Resources.


Thomas Shirley, British Governor of the Leeward Islands, wrote this proclamation announcing the end of the American Revolution and the cessation of hostilities after the signing of the preliminary articles of peace, on April 3, 1783. It appeared in The Independent Gazetteer, or The Chronicle of Freedom, a newspaper published in Philadelphia on May 3, 1783.

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