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Established in 2005, this free program for high school juniors and seniors provides an opportunity for student leaders to explore the relevance of Washington’s legacy of character and civic responsibility in our modern world as an example for tomorrow’s future leaders.This event is sponsored by the Ammerman Family and George Washington's Mount Vernon.

Date and Time


George Washington Presidential Library at Mount Vernon

About the Leadership Program

George Washington’s Mount Vernon invites high school student government associations to participate in our annual Ammerman Student Leadership program.

Join us for an inspirational day focused on George Washington’s leadership, while learning and practicing new ways to foster leadership skills within yourself.

Everyday Leadership provides students with an in-depth examination of Washington, interactive discussions, hands-on learning, and estate experiences (including a Mansion tour).

The Situation Room

An Interactive Roleplaying Experience

For the program, Mount Vernon is excited to debut the new interactive: The Situation Room: Washington’s Cabinet.

This multi-player immersive game allows students to play individual roles of people who were integral to the foreign policy decisions in Washington’s first term in office.

Each student would navigate the in-game challenges from a unique perspective (a member of Congress, a foreign diplomat, one of Washington’s cabinet members, or a publisher) and together determine the fate of the young United States.

Students must come together and utilize important skills such as persuasion, communication, conflict resolution, and organizational leadership to make decisions during a critical time in Washington’s Presidency.

Example Schedule

9:30am Welcome and Introductions
9:45am Everyday Leadership Facilitation
10:15am The Situation Room Experience: Washington's Cabinet
12:00pm  Lunch
12:45pm Estate Experiences
2:00pm Departure


Photos by Dan Chung