Admission is free on Feb. 22 for George Washington’s birthday. Admission tickets will be distributed on-site upon arrival.

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association and The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon, cordially invite you to a special reception to benefit the restoration of the Mansion’s New Room.

• Enjoy the view with Cocktails on the east lawn and piazza overlooking the Potomac

• Business Attire

• Complimentary Valet Parking

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George Washington's Mount Vernon


6:30 p.m.

The New Room: Paintings, Frames, and Chairs

When George and Martha Washington returned to Mount Vernon after the presidency, they were finally able to complete decorative work on the New Room, the largest and most impressive space in their mansion house. When visitors tour Washington’s home today, their journey begins in the New Room. This space introduces guests to the Washingtons’ world. The June 2 event will support preservation work such as: reupholstering the neoclassical side chairs in a more appropriate textile, conserving the landscape paintings on the wall, and updating their frames to more accurately reflect current scholarship. These efforts will enhance the story of how George Washington set precedents for the new nation as a leader and as a connoisseur of the arts.

The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon

The Founders Committee is comprised of patriotic women from the National Capital area. Since 1980, their fundraising has supported a multitude of programs, projects, and publications furthering the Association’s mission to preserve Washington’s estate and educate the public about his legacy and virtues. Their ardent work has raised more than $3 million while adding inestimably to the Mount Vernon experience.


Mount Vernon Thanks Our Event Sponsors

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Wayne and Grace Rickert


Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Baker
Mary T. Bartlett
Valerie and Townie Burden
Diana S. Clagett
David and Nancy Morgan
K. Dunlop Scott, Catharine Trauernicht Scott
Frances Culp Wheeler


Ellen Boer
Mrs. H. Richard Dietrich, III
Louisa C. Duemling
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gerber
Mary and David Giachetti
Joe and Lucia Henderson
Thomas S. Kenan, III
Ann and Knight Kiplinger
Susan and Frank Mars
Mr. and Mrs. I. Guyman Martin, III
The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas E. Petri
Beth and Robin Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Schuiling


John and Stavroula Alachnowicz
Mrs. Barbara Becker
Mary Lang Bishop
Ann and John Bookout
Edith H. Brewster
Mr. and Mrs. Childs F. Burden
Jane Lipton Cafritz
Margaret and Jay Costan
Sarah Miller Coulson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Crocker
Richard A. and Janice M. Crosby
Martha Dippell and Danny Korengold
Harriet and Eric Fraunfelter
Elisabeth French
The Honorable Douglas H. Ginsberg
and Ms. Deecy Gray
James Glenn
Lee Bradford Guerry and
Witney W. Schneidman
Jay and Robin Hammer
Mrs. Jeffrey P. Hart
Dr. and Mrs. Fraser Henderson, Sr.
Robert Highsmith and Sarah Fogg
Ruth and John Huber
Mrs. Holliday L. Hurd and Gus Polichron
Garett Jones
Ann and Mark Kington
Sanda and Jerry Lambert
Ms. Marcia V. Mayo
Catherine H. Mayton – Vice Regent for Arkansas, and Michael R. Mayton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr.
Mrs. Thayer S. McGregor
Cricket Bauer and Tim Messman
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashton Newhall
Mrs. R. Kendall Nottingham
Brenda Powers Parker
Dean Patterson
John Pellett and Sally Marfing
James D. and Pamela J. Penny
Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Reaves
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Reed
Thomas G. and Kristina I. Schendt
The Honorable and Mrs. R. Schubert
Cheryl Sharp
Adelia Simplot
Mrs. W.N. Harrell Smith, IV
Dean and Tonya Stoltzfus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Streeter
Terry Thompson and Chip Kerby
David M. Trebing
Catherine Marlette Waddell
Ellen C. Walton
Hilary Carter West
The Honorable Constance Harriman
and The Honorable Ed Whitfield
Corinne Birdsong Winburn
Miss Eleonore Wotherspoon

Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

The Founders Reception is hosted by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, the group that has owned and maintained George Washington’s Mount Vernon for more than 160 years.


Margaret Hartman Nichols

Vice Regents

Cameron Kock Mayer
Vice Regent for Louisiana

Maribeth Armstrong Borthwick
Vice Regent for California

Ann Haunschild Bookout
Vice Regent for Texas


Virginia Dawson Lane
Vice Regent for South Carolina

Laura Peebles Rutherford
Vice Regent for Alabama

Susan Marshall Townsend
Vice Regent for Delaware

Anne Neal Petri
Vice Regent for Wisconsin

Liz Rollins Mauran
Vice Regent for Rhode Island

Ann Cady Scott
Vice Regent for Missouri

Sarah Miller Coulson
Vice Regent for Pennsylvania

Andrea Notman Sahin
Vice Regent for Massachusetts

Catherine Hamilton Mayton
Vice Regent for Arkansas

Helen Herboth Laughery
Vice Regent for Wyoming

Catherine Marlette Waddell
Vice Regent for Illinois

Lucia Bosqui Henderson
Vice Regent for Virginia

Mary Lang Bishop
Vice Regent for Oregon

Elizabeth Medlin Hale
Vice Regent for Georgia

Ann Sherrill Pyne
Vice Regent for New York

Karen McCabe Kirby
Vice Regent for New Jersey

Hilary Carter West
Vice Regent for the District of Columbia

Adrian MacLean Jay
Vice Regent for Tennessee

Susan Brewster McCarthy
Vice Regent for Minnesota

Sarah Seaman Alijani
Vice Regent for Colorado

Carolyn Sherrill Fuller
Vice Regent for North Carolina

George Washington's Mount Vernon

George Washington’s skill as a general helped secure our independence. His leadership as our first president shaped this new nation. His enduring legacy continues to inspire us.

After falling into disrepair following his death in 1799, this historic property was rescued by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. They opened it to the public in 1860. It is now the most visited historic home in America.

As a private non-profit organization, Mount Vernon does not accept government funds. On-site sales and donations allow us to pursue our mission to teach the world about George Washington and preserve his beloved home for future generations.


Please contact Andre Burton at 703.799.6881 or

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