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The Founders, Washington Committee for Historic Mount Vernon

The Founders Committee is comprised of patriotic women from the National Capital area. Since 1980, their fundraising has supported a multitude of programs, projects, and publications furthering the Association’s mission to preserve Washington’s estate and educate the public about his legacy and virtues. Their ardent work has raised more than $3 million while adding inestimably to the Mount Vernon experience.

Membership in The Founders, Washington Committee is by invitation. To learn more, please contact the Development Department at 703-799-6881. 


Committee Members


Mrs. I. Townsend Burden, III


Mrs. Geoffrey B. Baker
Mrs. Edmund Bartlett, III
Mrs. Peter Boer
Miss Edith H. Brewster
Mrs. Brice M. Clagett
Mrs. James M. Costan
Mrs. H. Richard Dietrich, III
Mrs. Eric P. Fraunfelter
Mrs. James Gerber
Mrs. Ian Glenday
Ms. Lee Bradford Guerry
Mrs. Constance B. Harriman
Mrs. Jeffrey P. Hart
Mrs. Joseph W. Henderson, III
Mrs. Mark J. Kington
Ms. Martha Dippell Korengold
Mrs. Jeremiah D. Lambert
Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr.
Mrs. I. Guyman Martin, III
Ms. Marcia V. Mayo
Mrs. Thayer Sargent McGregor
Mrs. David B. Morgan
Mrs. Thomas E. Petri
Mrs. Philip W. Pillsbury, Jr.
Mrs. John Daniel Reaves
Mrs. Robin D. Roberts
Mrs. Kristina Schendt
Mrs. William E. Schuiling
Mrs. Catharine Trauernicht Scott
Mrs. W. N. Harrell Smith, IV
Mrs. Lucille Anderson Streeter
Ms. Hilary C. West
Mrs. Frances C. Wheeler

Founders Emeritae

Mrs. Togo D. West, Jr.
Miss Eleonore Wotherspoon


Please contact Andre Burton at 703.799.6881 or