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Help Us Keep History Alive

History matters at Mount Vernon. We preserve Washington's home so that we can share with the world the powerful legacy of George Washington. We deliver accurate, reliable history and civics instruction around the country, and even the world, through our programs, lectures, conferences and online resources.

Our educational responsibility is significant, and we want to ensure that everything we teach will continue to be relevant, impactful, and inspirational. Please consider making a donation below to support education efforts at Mount Vernon.


History Comes To Life in the Classroom

What truly excites many students is seeing original George Washington documents right in their classroom. Teachers are using these primary sources as part of their regular lesson plans. Students view these documents on digital devices and computers, read and transcribe them, and then discuss their analysis of Washington’s words.

Without the availability of these resources, students may never see George Washington’s handwriting, or read in his own words his thoughts on farming, the war, or the new nation he was leading.

Digital Access to History

Mount Vernon provides free and unlimited access to digital resources, making the life and legacy of George Washington accessible to students and educators around the globe. We offer dozens of lesson plans, primary source based interactives, and dynamic videos perfect for student engagement.

For example, the virtual tour allows students to explore our most cherished primary source, the Mansion and grounds, even if they cannot get here in person.

Help Us Keep History Alive

We cannot provide these educational programs without your generous support.

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