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The Regent and the Vice Regents of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association thank you for supporting our benefit gala in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the George Washington Presidential Library.Event proceeds directly support the Campaign for Mount Vernon in support of the mission of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association: to preserve the home of George Washington to the highest standard and educate the world about his life and legacy.

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6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


George Washington's Mount Vernon

History Matters at Mount Vernon

On Saturday, September 30, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the George Washington Presidential Library.

As the leading educational institution focused on Washington’s life and legacy, the Washington Library safeguards Mount Vernon’s growing number of original Washington papers, manuscripts, and books, as well as thousands of important historical documents. The Library serves as the center for scholarship on the founding era. Historians and scholars study original letters and papers penned in Washington’s own hand, close to where many of the historic documents originated.

Since its opening on September 27, 2013, the Washington Library has enhanced Mount Vernon’s educational initiatives. The George Washington Teacher Institute residential program has welcomed 1,135 educators from 50 states for immersive courses of study. Mount Vernon provides free and unlimited access to digital resources, making the lessons from the life and legacy of George Washington accessible to students and educators around the world.

The MVLA founded the George Washington Leadership Institute in 2013 to examine and teach about the leadership qualities of America’s first president. Learning from failure and mentorship, George Washington became one of the premier leaders of the young United States. His commitment to execution, his focus on strategic vision, and his emphasis on organizational character continue to be important lessons in the 21st century, and we strive to keep the life of George Washington relevant for current and future generations of leaders.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the George Washington Presidential Library and help us make history for generations to come.

"Today, in this beautiful setting on this magnificent morning, we are opening a library at Mount Vernon. How thrilling. How important. Not just because it is long overdue but because of the influence, the inspiration, the effect, the impact that this gathering place, this center of learning will have on future generations of all people of all kinds from all over the world.”

-David McCullough

Event Leadership

The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has owned and operated George Washington’s Mount Vernon for more than 165 years since its purchase from the Washington family in 1858. The event leadership is comprised of Vice Regents – both former and current – joining forces to make a lasting impact and set the stage for the next ten years of the George Washington Presidential Library.

Andrea Notman Sahin, Co-Chair
Vice Regent for Massachusetts

Hilary Carter West, Co-Chair
Vice Regent for the District of Columbia

Adrienne Bevis Mars, Honorary Co-Chair
Vice Regent Emerita for Wyoming


Gay Hart Gaines, Honorary Co-Chair
Vice Regent Emerita for Florida

About The Event

The tenth-anniversary celebration will feature a black-tie dinner on the Mansion's east lawn, featuring performances from the American Pops Orchestra, private after-hours tours of the Mansion, a sunset reception overlooking the Potomac River, and dancing.

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The Bedchamber of Washington, in which he died, with all the furniture, as it was at the time, drawn on the spot by permission of Mrs. John Washington of Mount Vernon

Painted by John Gadsby Chapman, 1835


This painting is one of the most significant pieces of evidence in determining the appearance of the Washington bedchamber in the last year of George Washington’s life. Alexandria born artist John Gadsby Chapman visited Mount Vernon and sketched the empty room long after its original contents had been dispersed. He then traveled to each of Martha’s grandchildren’s homes and sketched the objects they owned from the space. Eleanor “Nelly” Parke Custis Lewis, who grew up at Mount Vernon, instructed the artist on the proper placement of each piece. The artist combined his research to create this evocative scene combining careful research and observation.

George Washington's Mount Vernon

George Washington’s skill as a general helped secure our independence. His leadership as our first president shaped this new nation. His enduring legacy continues to inspire us.

After falling into disrepair following his death in 1799, this historic property was rescued by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. They opened it to the public in 1860. It is now the most visited historic home in America.

As a private non-profit organization, Mount Vernon does not accept government funds. On-site sales and donations allow us to pursue our mission to teach the world about George Washington and preserve his beloved home for future generations.

A Presidential Library for George Washington without Government Funding

Congress passed the Presidential Libraries Act in 1955, funding modern presidential libraries through taxation. Mount Vernon accepts no funding from the government, so how did the George Washington Presidential Library come to be?

During his retirement, Washington wrote that he had devoted his infrequent leisure time "to the arrangement, and overhaul of my voluminous Public Papers—Civil & Military—that, they may go into secure deposits.”

Washington planned to erect a building at Mount Vernon. Even on the last day of his life, Washington worried about his papers. His friend and longtime secretary Tobias Lear recorded that, hours before his death, Washington told him, "I find I am going, my breath cannot continue long. . . do you arrange & record all my late Military letters & papers—arrange my accounts & settle my books."

After the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association purchased Mount Vernon from the Washington family in 1858, preservation of the Mansion and outbuildings began immediately. In 1859, John Augustine Washington gifted Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association founder and first Regent Ann Pamela Cunningham four original Washington papers. He thought of them as useful in terms of repairs and restoration, but of course, the Ladies prized them because they were Washington’s.

In 1983, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association officially broadened its vision beyond the preservation of Mount Vernon, and sought to extend the education of Washington’s life, achievements, and character to the entire world. As part of this new vision, Mount Vernon constructed the Ann Pamela Cunningham Administration Building, which opened in 1983, and provided space for a new education department and additional space for a library and research center.

In 2010, that mission expanded to include the construction of a new research library. The MVLA announced the creation of the George Washington Presidential Library to further the organization’s mission of advancing appreciation and understanding of George Washington. The announcement resulted from a remarkable gift of $38 million from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, the largest received in the history of the MVLA. The Campaign for the Library – with Gay Hart Gaines, the Vice Regent for Florida, as chair – set an ambitious goal to raise $100 million to construct the library. The Campaign exceeded its goal by raising $106.4 million by June 2013, all provided by private donors, and was officially opened on September 27, 2013.

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association


Margaret Hartman Nichols

Vice Regents

Cameron Kock Mayer
Vice Regent for Louisiana

Maribeth Armstrong Borthwick
Vice Regent for California

Ann Haunschild Bookout
Vice Regent for Texas


Virginia Dawson Lane
Vice Regent for South Carolina

Laura Peebles Rutherford
Vice Regent for Alabama

Susan Marshall Townsend
Vice Regent for Delaware

Anne Neal Petri
Vice Regent for Wisconsin

Liz Rollins Mauran
Vice Regent for Rhode Island

Ann Cady Scott
Vice Regent for Missouri

Sarah Miller Coulson
Vice Regent for Pennsylvania

Andrea Notman Sahin
Vice Regent for Massachusetts

Catherine Hamilton Mayton
Vice Regent for Arkansas

Helen Herboth Laughery
Vice Regent for Wyoming

Catherine Marlette Waddell
Vice Regent for Illinois

Lucia Bosqui Henderson
Vice Regent for Virginia

Mary Lang Bishop
Vice Regent for Oregon

Elizabeth Medlin Hale
Vice Regent for Georgia

Ann Sherrill Pyne
Vice Regent for New York

Karen McCabe Kirby
Vice Regent for New Jersey

Hilary Carter West
Vice Regent for the District of Columbia

Adrian MacLean Jay
Vice Regent for Tennessee

Sarah Seaman Alijani
Vice Regent for Colorado

Susan Brewster McCarthy
Vice Regent for Minnesota

Life Guard Fall Event

Unable to attend? Please consider making a donation that helps preserve George Washington's home and legacy.

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Please contact Bethany Kucia at or 703-799-8642. 

Accommodations Available

For those guests attending the 10th-anniversary gala, Mount Vernon has reserved room blocks at the following hotels.

    • The Lorien Hotel & Spa in Old Town Alexandria 
      1600 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
      Reservations may be made online or by calling 703.894.3434.
    • The Alexandrian Hotels
      480 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
      Reservations can be made online by following this link.

*Guests will be responsible for lodging expenses and are encouraged to make reservations early.

Mount Vernon Thanks Our Event Sponsors

Commander in Chief

Ariel Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Karen Buchwald Wright and Tom Rastin

Triple Benefactor

Helen Herboth Laughery


Mr. Richard H. Brown and Ms. Mary Jo Otsea
Sarah Miller Coulson
Manuel and Mary Johnson Foundation
Ms. Deborah Smith Magness
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Smith, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith
Catherine M. and Frederick H. Waddell


Anonymous (2)
Cricket Bauer and Tim Messman
Mrs. Barbara Becker and Mrs. Lindalee Fitton
Ann and John Bookout
Maribeth and Hal Borthwick
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Bradburn
CIBC Private Wealth
Lucia B. and Joseph W. Henderson
Mrs. Holliday L. Hurd and Kate Shuster
Adrian and Larsen Jay
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson W. Kirby
A. Michael and Ruth C. Lipper
Ms. Jacqueline B. Mars
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mauran IV
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McCarthy
Medlin-Hale Foundation, Elizabeth and Sheffield Hale
Margaret and David E. Nichols
Anne Neal Petri and Thomas E. Petri
Wayne and Grace Rickert
Mr. and Mrs. J. Schley Rutherford
Andrea and Kenan Sahin
Ann Cady Scott
Stella Boyle Smith Trust, Cathy
and Mike Mayton, Trustees
Jeffrey and Barbara Steele
Jamie and Rob Taylor
Susan M. and P. Coleman Townsend
Gail Berry West and Hilary Carter West

Next Generation

John and Stavroula Alachnowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Aldredge
Burke & Herbert Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Red Cavaney
Mr. Remmel T. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. David Giachetti
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Given
Mr. and Mrs. Glen G. Hamel
Dr. Robert Highsmith and Dr. Sarah Fogg
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Horton
Nathan and Valerie McCarry
James D. and Pamela J. Penny
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott
Eleanor R. Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Trulaske
The Honorable and Mrs. Lee L. Verstandig
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welsh


Mrs. Margaret Allison
George and Charlotte Benz
Mary Lang Bishop and C. Morton Bishop III
Ellen Boer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Coleman
The Honorable and Mrs. Sean Connaughton
Theodore F. and St. Clair Craver
Peter and Sarah Anne Cressy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Crosby
Ms. Martha Dippell and Mr. Daniel Korengold
Mrs. Monica Greenberg
Robert and Mimie Helm
Ms. Karen E. Hooper
John L. Hunter and Zoe T. Hunter
John H. Kerby and Theresa Thompson
Lambert Kayden Family Fund,
Sanda and Jeremiah Lambert
Alice and Harry Legum
Mr. Michael J. Mars and Ms. Terri Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Mac and Cathy McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. David McCreery
Mr. Mark Z. Orr
Ann and John Pyne
Ed and Lori Ryan
Steven W. Spandle and Kev Massoyan
Mrs. Kenneth W. Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. J. Sullivan, Jr.
Catharine W. Trauernicht and K. Dunlop Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Travis
Mr. Robert L. Tritt
Frances Culp Wheeler