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6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


George Washington's Mount Vernon

Black Women United for Action

Black Women United for Action (BWUFA) is a volunteer, non-profit community service organization whose mission is to empower vulnerable families by providing programs, advocacy, and support services. There is a strong effort to promote the achievement and empowerment of young people. Training, job readiness, community building, parenting and family support, mentoring, and college recruiting are activities that target at-risk youth. BWUFA is a well-renowned organization that has been recognized by White House initiatives under several Presidents and has received national and international recognition for its efforts. Partnerships with universities such as Harvard, George Mason, and HBCUs have been ongoing. BWUFA has engaged in policy and legislative action for positive community change. It partnered with the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association to host a human trafficking conference that resulted in constructive changes that impacted our region. The collaboration with the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association for 40 years, in sponsoring stellar Annual Slave Memorial programs known internationally, is a significant achievement recognized through awards and notables.

Dinner with Hercules & Friends

Black Women United for Action (BWUFA) are extremely proud to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the unveiling of the Slave Memorial with a gala dinner inspired by George Washington’s enslaved chef, Hercules Posey. Posey, widely admired for his culinary skills, prepared meals for world leaders at the first Presidential house and at Mount Vernon. This event will be celebrated on Friday, October 20 with an evening reception and seated dinner overlooking the east lawn and the Potomac River.

This black-tie fundraising event will create an African American research fellowship at the George Washington Presidential Library that will promote the study of the resilience, strengths, and contributions of enslaved and free black persons from the 18th century to the present. The research conducted by these scholars will contribute to publications, media productions, classroom resources, art and community education programs so that the descendants of enslaved individuals can ensure that the future generations of youth recognize the resilience and strengths exhibited by the ancestors who are part of our nation’s heritage.

Forty years ago, Howard University students designed the Slave Memorial Monument that is unveiled each year in a joint event hosted by BWUFA and the MVLA to ensure that all enslaved persons, especially those who lived, worked, and died at Mount Vernon, are honored for their contributions. This year’s Slave Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony is on Saturday, October 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Both of these October events commemorate a past in order to impact future generations. Contributing financially to support the research fellowship will ensure that the contributions by the enslaved people are not forgotten and that the lessons of history will become the roadmap to a better future for generations to come.

With Deepest Gratitude: The 40 Year Slave Memorial Unveiling Gala Volunteers

Honorary Chairs

*Mrs. Gladys Quander Tancil
*Lt. Col. Theodore A. Adams
USA, Retired
Major Gen. Charles Bolden
The Hon. L.D. Wilder
The Hon. Louise Lucas
Brig Gen Dorian Anderson

Gala Chairs

Ms. Brenda C. Alston
Dr. Molly E. Davis
Ms. Valerie S. Jackson
Ms. Katrina M. Blanchard
Ms. Tanya D. McKee
Ms. Janice V. Bryan
Dr. Alotta E. Taylor
Ms. Natalie Shorter

Gala Co-Chairs

Ms. Tilly Blanding
Ms. Karen Champblin
Rev Michelle Thomas
Mr. Eric Lyles
Ms. Sherelle Carper
Ms. E. J. Scott
Ms. Rosemarie Truman
Ms. Cate M. Wyatt
Ms. Karen C. Sanders
The Hon. Vivian Wyatt
The Hon. Paul Krizek
Mr. David Toatley
Mr. David Temple

BWUFA’s Founders Legacy Group

Founder: Ms. Sheila B. Coates
Dr. Molly E. Davis
Dr. Edna Medford
Dr. A. Beverly Cole
Ms. Marilyn Carlson
Ms. Brenda C. Alston
Dr. Tadasha Shiver
Dr. Gloria B. Johnson
Ms. Valerie S. Jackson
Dr. Alotta E. Taylor
Ms. Deborah T. Johnson
Ms. Barika T. Porter
Ms. Jena Roscoe
Ms. Katrina Blanchard
Dr. Joann Anderson
Judge Venita Chaney

Slave Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony Chairs (Oct. 7, 2023)

Dr. Alotta E. Taylor
Ms. Barika Porter
Ms. Valina Kelly
Dr. Matilda Banga
Ms. Linda Haughton
Dr. Carolyn Thomas
Ms. Monica Spells
Ms. Tilly Blanding
Ms. Darnell Lightbourn
Ms. Natalie Shorter
Mayor Derrick Wood
Ms. Mattie Palmore
Mr. Nate Murphy
Ms. Olivia Toatley

Mount Vernon Thanks Our Event Sponsors


Cricket Bauer and Tim Messman
Pierre and Martina Hayward


Scott and Kimberly David
Mrs. Holliday L. Hurd and Mr. Gus Polichron
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McGinn
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Rickert
Kate Shuster
Jeffrey and Barbara Steele


John and Stavroula Alachnowicz
Ms. Joan Lindsey and Mr. James Lindsey
James D. and Pamela J. Penny
The Honorable and Mrs. Lee L. Verstandig


Daniel K. Chandler and Neysa M. Slater-Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Crosby
Sean Connaughton
Ms. Christie Garton and Dr. Matthew Thompson
Mary and David Giachetti
Mr. Newell Grant
Robert and Mimie Helm
Frank F. Islam and Debbie Driesman
John H. Kerby and Theresa Thompson
Alice and Harry Legum
Marlene Malek
Jim and Jo Carol Porter
The Honorable Trevor A. Potter and Mr. Dana Westring
Steven W. Spandle and Kev Massoyan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schott Stevens
Richard J.J. and Gail F. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tritt

George Washington's Mount Vernon

George Washington’s skill as a general helped secure our independence. His leadership as our first president shaped this new nation. His enduring legacy continues to inspire us.

After falling into disrepair following his death in 1799, this historic property was rescued by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. They opened it to the public in 1860. It is now the most visited historic home in America.

As a private non-profit organization, Mount Vernon does not accept government funds. On-site sales and donations allow us to pursue our mission to teach the world about George Washington and preserve his beloved home for future generations.

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association


Margaret Hartman Nichols

Vice Regents

Cameron Kock Mayer
Vice Regent for Louisiana

Maribeth Armstrong Borthwick
Vice Regent for California

Ann Haunschild Bookout
Vice Regent for Texas


Virginia Dawson Lane
Vice Regent for South Carolina

Laura Peebles Rutherford
Vice Regent for Alabama

Susan Marshall Townsend
Vice Regent for Delaware

Anne Neal Petri
Vice Regent for Wisconsin

Liz Rollins Mauran
Vice Regent for Rhode Island

Ann Cady Scott
Vice Regent for Missouri

Sarah Miller Coulson
Vice Regent for Pennsylvania

Andrea Notman Sahin
Vice Regent for Massachusetts

Catherine Hamilton Mayton
Vice Regent for Arkansas

Helen Herboth Laughery
Vice Regent for Wyoming

Catherine Marlette Waddell
Vice Regent for Illinois

Lucia Bosqui Henderson
Vice Regent for Virginia

Mary Lang Bishop
Vice Regent for Oregon

Elizabeth Medlin Hale
Vice Regent for Georgia

Ann Sherrill Pyne
Vice Regent for New York

Karen McCabe Kirby
Vice Regent for New Jersey

Hilary Carter West
Vice Regent for the District of Columbia

Adrian MacLean Jay
Vice Regent for Tennessee

Sarah Seaman Alijani
Vice Regent for Colorado

Susan Brewster McCarthy
Vice Regent for Minnesota


For questions about the event, please reach out to Friederike Ahrens at or 703.799.6813.