Mount Vernon's Education Department offers a number of dynamic, practical, and engaging programs for educators and students of all ages. Get involved by checking out our list of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Workshop: Madison, Wisconsin

Throughout this three-day workshop, co-hosted by the Center for the Study of the American Constitution at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teachers will explore the life, leadership, and legacy of George Washington through the lens of the relationships he made over the course of his life. Participants will do a deep dive into 18th-century content, including primary sources, and gain strategies and new methodology to take back to their classroom.

Please Note: Registration is first-come, first served and is limited to 20 participants. It will open on Tuesday, August 1 at 9 a.m. CT.

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Regional Workshop: Cleveland, Ohio

Join George Washington's Mount Vernon and the Clevelandland Museum of Art to explore George Washington's life and contributions to American History through images.

 Please Note: Registration for this program will open in September 2017.

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Regional Workshop: Ticonderoga, New York

Referring to Henry Knox, Washington once wrote to John Adams, “there is no man in the United States with whom I have been in habits of greater intimacy; no one whom I have loved more sincerely, nor any for whom I have had a greater friendship”. Through this one-day workshop with Fort Ticonderoga, teachers will examine the relationship of these two men through rich content, primary sources, and a tour of Fort Ticonderoga.

Please Note: Registration for this program will open in September 2017.

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Regional Workshop: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Public Schools teachers will have an opportunity to meet with educators and scholars from George Washington’s Mount Vernon over the course of three workshops. Workshops will focus on skill- and inquiry-based learning by examining primary and secondary sources including documents, objects, place, biography, and art. Educators will emerge from the workshop series with fresh content, resources, pedagogy, and the confidence to teach with primary sources in the classroom. The workshops include the Revolutionary War (October 26, 2017), slavery (January 25, 2018), and leadership (March 22, 2018).

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Regional Workshop: New York, New York

Co-sponsored by the New York Historical Society and the George Washington Teacher Institute, this workshop will allow teachers to explore the history of the Revolutionary War through primary source documents. Teachers will work with historians and museum educators to dive deep into content, including George Washington’s leadership and the Battle of Brooklyn, while exploring the New York Historical Society’s collection of historic maps and objects from the era.

Please Note: Registration for this program will open in November 2017.

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