Mount Vernon's Education Department offers a number of dynamic, practical, and engaging programs for educators and students of all ages. Get involved by checking out our list of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Slavery in George Washington's World

Summer Residential Program - Week 5
Leader Scholar: Richard Josey

Explore the lives of the over 300 enslaved individuals who lived and worked at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Individual narratives of these men and women will be used side-by-side with written records and archeological evidence to broaden your understanding of slavery in the 18th century.

The application deadline for this program has passed.

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First in Business: Washington's Entrepreneurial Ventures

Summer Residential Program - Week 4
Lead Scholar: Dr. Ed Lengel

Discover how George Washington's interest in surveying, agriculture, and innovation created lasting effects on the progress of the economy of the young United States. Explore the limits and opportunities of Washington's own entrepreneurial interests through hands-on experiences on the Mount Vernon Estate and in-depth primary source analysis with account books, farm reports, and maps. Participants will gain first-hand experience combining STEM and historical thinking skills. 

The application deadline for this program has passed.

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Regional Workshop: Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Explore how the definition of citizenship and the immigrant experience changed from the 18th-20th centuries and how citizenship has been redefined in the 21st century.

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Regional Workshop: Houston, Texas

Learn about the past through objects with curators, archaeologists, and educators from George Washington's Mount Vernon and Bayou Bend Collections and Gardens. 

Please Note: This program is currently at capacity. A wait list registration is available for those who wish to be informed if spaces become available.

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George Washington and the Founding of the U.S. Government

Fall Residential Program 
Lead Scholar: Dr. Denver Brunsman

Explore George Washington's influence on the seminal moments of our nation's founding through examination of his role at the Constitutional Convention, in the ratification of the Constitution, and as the first president. 

The application deadline for this program has passed.

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George Washington at War: From Soldier to Commander in Chief

Fall Residential Program
Lead Scholar: Dr. Christopher Pearl

Discover George Washington's individual contributions to the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, as well as the broader impact these events had on 18th-century society. Sessions will focus on Washington's leadership challenges and opportunities, as well as the decisions of individual men and women to join the Patriot cause. 

The application deadline for this program has passed.

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