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Lives Bound Together: Primary Sources

This page provides resources accompanying the Books and Manuscripts Galleries in the Lives Bound Together Virtual Exhibit. It contains different primary sources that explore the stories of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon. Use these resources to aid exhibit exploration, learn more about the system of slavery, and find useful learning materials.

Education Sources

Click on the link to access interactive primary sources on slavery, ranging from farm reports to archaeological artifacts and census records.

Explore the Primary Sources

Oral Histories

This twenty-minute video explores the oral histories passed down from the descendants of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon.

Listen to Oral Histories

Database of Mount Vernon's Enslaved Community

Information comes in the forms of artifacts, letters, reports, and articles. The Database of Mount Vernon's Enslaved Community compiles all of this information and identifies individuals who labored at Mount Vernon.

Research an Individual

The Document Room

Primary sources help tell us about the people who were enslaved at Mount Vernon. Many of these primary source documents are kept in the room below at the Washington Library.

Forgotten No Longer

Click the link to learn about the archaeological research on the cemetery at Mount Vernon

Learn More

Archaeology Online - The House for Families

Archaeology has helped us uncover a lot about people who lived at Mount Vernon. The House for Families project, in particular, contains traces of artifacts that the enslaved community once used, at a site where the majority of enslaved peoples who worked at Mansion House Farm lived.

Explore Artifacts from the the House for Families

Museum Collections

Despite being primarily used by the Washingtons, these objects mostly interacted with the enslaved community who created them, served with them, or fixed them.

Explore Mount Vernon's Collections

How do we know about the enslaved population that lived at Mount Vernon?